Upper School

In the upper school years, the students learn to think by learning formal logic and applying those skills in their oral and written work.

Providence Academy delivers academic excellence and spiritual formation with core studies in the following subjects in the Upper School:

6TH GRADE1st Form Latin,
Cambridge I
Saxon Math 7/8Earth ScienceAncient HistoryAncient Lit Grammar & CompositionFaith & LifeArt, Music, PE
7TH GRADE2nd Form Latin,
Cambridge I
Algebra 1/2PhsyicsMedieval HistoryMedieval Lit Grammar & CompositionMarian ApparitionsArt, Music, PE
8TH GRADE3rd Form Latin,
Cambridge II
Algebra IChemistryAmerican HistoryAmerican Grammar & CompositionIntro to CatholicismArt, Music, PE
9TH GRADECambridge II,
Henle I
Algebra IIBiologyAncient HistoryAncient Literature & Comp.Old & New TestamentLogicMusic, PE
10TH GRADECambridge III,
Henle II
Geometry Chemistry Medieval HistoryMedieval Literature & Comp.Church HistoryAestheticsMusic, PE
11TH GRADECambridge III,
Henle III
Advanced MathAnatomy & Physiology OR PhysicsModern European HistoryModern European Literature & Comp.MoralityEthicsRhetoric IMusic, PE
12TH GRADEHenle/
Classical Translations
Calculus OR electivePhysics OR College ElectiveAmerican HistoryAmerican Literature & Comp.ApologeticsMetaphysicsRhetoric IIMusic, PE


  • Schola
  • Art
  • Personal Finance
  • College Course Work at WTC or UWL


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