“Catholic Fidelity in Times of Crisis”

January 9, 2019

Over the past several years, Cardinal Burke has spoken frequently about the crisis of faith within the Church.  This crisis, at once moral, doctrinal, and liturgical, has seemed to find sudden expression in the past few months here in the United States.  Cardinal Burke said in a recent interview with EWTN, “The Catholic Church in the United States is undergoing possibly one of the worst crises that it has ever experienced.”

This crisis has the power to disorient and unmoor us unless we are rooted in the Church’s tradition.  During the Spring Semester, Carl Wolk, theology teacher at Providence Academy, will be offering a lecture series on some of the greatest crises in Church History, how Catholics kept the faith, and what lessons can be learned for today.

February 20, 6pm: The Arian Crisis, St. Athanasius, and the Defense of Tradition

Video:  Catholic Fidelity Part 1

February 28, 6pm: The Anglican Schism, the Prayer Book Rebellion, and the Defense of the Sacred Liturgy
April 3, 6pm: The French Revolution, The Vendee, and the Defense of the Social Order
April 25, 6pm: The Spirit of the 19th Century, Catholic Counter-Revolution, and Devotion to the Chair of St. Peter

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