Team Building: Scheduled during their orientation day of school, the students participate in activities that allow team building and leadership opportunities. It is always a favorite time for our students.

October Harvest Festival: Celebrating the German heritage in the La Crosse area, Providence has brought some of the German charm into our school community by providing a social for students and adults to partake in German dance, food, and games.

Classics Week & Festival:  Providence celebrates our classical roots with cultural and social activities that complement a child’s education in arts and humanities. It is concluded with a performance in the showcase of what the students have learned and experienced throughout the year.

Cotillion: Originating in France in the 18th century, the cotillion is a type of formal ballroom dance celebrating the transition into young adulthood. It is the origin of today’s junior prom. Continuing the original understanding of the cotillion, the event at Providence Academy, held at the end of April, begins with Mass, a special blessing for entering into young adulthood, and a chastity ring ceremony.  The evening continues with a dinner and a dance at the La Crosse Country Club where each of the students are honored and presented with cuff links and a boutonniere for the men, and a crown, long satin gloves, and a wrist corsage for the ladies. The student will have completed a yearly four week course in ballroom dancing to prepare themselves for this event.

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